Anything Goes Phone Sex

By , February 20, 2014


How would you like to spend a lazy day doing Anything Goes Phone Sex with your lover? David and I came up with a fun, kinky situation that was sure to last all day and into the night.

In our Anything Goes Phone Sex fantasy, we started out by slow and by stripping each other until we were completely naked. Then he tied me in a doorway. My feet were spread, my wrists tied together over my head, and my body completely exposed. He told me that he wanted to explore every part of my body with his hands, lips, and tongue, making me shiver in anticipation.

He started behind me, pushing his naked body against mine, wrapping his arms around my body, and kissing the back of my neck. As he rubbed up against me, he slipped one hand on my breast and the other slid down to cup my pussy. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and his hard cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. Slowly, he explored all my erogenous zones, bringing me to the brink of orgasm, and then stepping away to switch positions. What a tease!

Moving to the front of my body, he decided to use his lips and tongue more. First, he started by kissing me softly on the lips. He kissed his way from my lips to my earlobes, to my neck, and then my shoulders. He kissed, licked, and sucked his way down from my shoulders, to my breasts, and then my stomach. With my body tingling in anticipation, I try to shift so that he’s between my legs, but he wants to tease me even more. He moves down to my feet to work his way slowly upwards. I’m so turned on that my pussy is dripping!

Finally, he works his way up to my hot pussy. I’m so charged up that I feel like I’m about to explode on his face as he licks my hard clit and tongue-fucks me. Once again, he lets out a wicked chuckle as I’m on the verge of cumming and withdraws. Denied!

He stands up and I can see that he’s rock hard! I want him to grab me and fuck me, now! Instead, he reaches up and unties my wrists, freeing me to do whatever I want to do. What do you suppose I should do? Should I grab him, throw him on the bed, tie him up, and tease him?  Or  Should I throw him down on the bed and jump on that hard cock to satisfy my needs?

Where would you go from here in your Anything Goes Phone Sex fantasy? How would you like tease and denial too? Would you like me to tie you up and tease you?

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Incest Phone Sex

By , January 15, 2014


Incest Phone Sex is one of my favorite types of fantasies! It’s so hot to be able to be a naughty horny mommy. I love mommy/son role plays and total family fun fantasies including Mommy, Daddy, son, and daughter. For me, it is all about exploring taboos and pushing limits via fantasy on the phone.

In an Incest Phone Sex fantasy, being a naughty mommy is a huge turn-on for me especially those Sunday night calls with NL! He puts such a naughty spin on things! Just this last Sunday we talked about how our young son wanted to breast feed like his baby sister, but that’s not all he wanted for his birthday. He wanted to have Mommy in the same way that Daddy has mommy.  Apparently, our son got into our homemade videos and learned a lot! I tried to resist my son’s advances but then he launched himself at me. I was standing there up against the wall when he ripped down my panties and buried his little face in my pussy. I reached down, fully intent upon pushing him away but his little tongue and mouth had latched onto my swollen clit and I ended up drawing him deeper into my pussy. I came all over my young son’s face. I could see my juices on his mouth when he drew back from me, looking up, and smiling sweetly. I should’ve stopped it then, but when I saw the unusually large bulge in his pants, all my resolve flew out the window. I picked him up, carried him to my bed, and called him  in’ sick’ to school for the day.

By the end of the day, my son had me every single way in every room of the house. Surprisingly enough, even though he’s so young, he’d managed to cum in me several times. Each time that he came in me, he sweetly said to me, “I hope I put a baby in your belly, Mommy!”

Do you like naughty Taboo, Mommy, Pregnant and Incest Phone Sex fantasies? I certainly do! Give me a call! I’m dying to be naughty today! Do you like being naughty too? If you do, check out my  blog.

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Kinky Phone Sex

By , December 4, 2013


There are sorts of ways to have sensual Kinky Phone Sex. Recently, I had a very sensual call with a guy that was into feminization and cross dressing. We talked about how he was a man that was entirely into women and being “the man” for a woman, but when he was dressed-up as a woman, it really brought out his submissive/feminine side.

In our Kinky Phone Sex conversation, I told him about the first time that I played with a cross dresser. We talked about how I bathed, shaved, and put sweet scented lotion all over his smooth body. Then I dressed him up all sexy in a corset, crotchless fishnet stockings, a thong, and short black skirt. The final touches were full make-up and curling his long blonde hair. That got “Sarah” very excited and wanting the same special treatment.

After I transformed him into “Sarah”, this feeling came over me. I wanted to fuck him, but not as a woman fucks a man, but, I suspect, as a man would want to fuck a woman. I wanted to ‘take’ him and give him my strap on! I wanted to make him moan, groan, and gasp like a girl. I wanted to penetrate him and make him cum.

Our Kinky Phone Sex was so thrilling and sensual that we both came and I know that I’m looking forward to doing it all over again!

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Mommy Phone Sex

By , November 7, 2013


I had a great Mommy Phone Sex call with my husband ‘ED’ last night. We have a great sex life and it has just gotten better and better since I got pregnant and had our baby boy a few years back. He knows how hot and horny our son’s breast feeding makes me and was always there for me to fuck right after I got done feeding. I had to confess to my husband that lately my thoughts have been about a little more then just letting our son suck my big titties. Lately, I have been thinking about sucking him off or even fucking him. ‘ED’ Is so wonderful and supportive that he helped me hatch a plan that would allow me to do just that. It even had the side benefit of allowing my husband to watch the whole thing.

In this Mommy Phone Sex fantasy, the following night, I went in my son’s bedroom in nothing but a robe to read him a bedtime story . Half way through the story, a masked man came barging into the room holding a large knife. I screamed and grabbed my son, who was only wearing jammie bottoms and held him close to my body. At knife point, the man ‘made’ me remove my robe and stand naked in front of my son who’s eyes started roaming all over my body and his rather nice-sized cock started to tent those bottoms. Then the man ‘forced’ me to remove my son’s bottoms and set free that big cock he was trying to hide.

I was then instructed to take that cock into my mouth and suck it like the slut I am. “It will be okay, baby”, I said to my little boy, “Just let mommy do this.” I took all his cock in my mouth and sucked him for all I was worth till he popped off into my mouth. Then I was told by the man that he wasn’t leaving until I actually had sex with my own son. It was incredible and Tyler loved every second of it. After the man finally left, I cradled my boy and told him how brave he was as he confided in me about how wonderful it felt. Then he asked if he could fuck me again. After my son and I had cum a half a dozen times, I walked downstairs to find my husband removing his mask and putting the knife back in the butcher block.

How’s that for a very hot Mommy Phone Sex and kinky rape fantasy? If you’re into any family fun fantasies, you need to give me a call because I really get-off talking about and role playing all sorts of naughty taboo and incest fantasies!

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Family Fun Phone Sex

By , October 2, 2013


In this Family Fun Phone Sex fantasy, my son and I have been fucking behind my husbands back for years now, essentially turning him into a secret cuckold. We often talk about the first time I fucked his little-boy body. I remember how smooth his skin was and hot he felt against me. It never fails to get me soaking wet. And my son, for his part, has mentioned several times that he wouldn’t mind watching me fuck a random little boy.

As our Family Fun Phone Sex fantasy continues over the last few weeks, we have both noticed an underage boy eye-balling me at the local ice cream parlor. He’s never there with anybody, despite being so young and has a hard time hitting his mouth while staring at my big titties. So yesterday when my son and I went down there, we really gave him something to stare at. I wore a near see-through white blouse tied together just under my big tits. My blonde, blue-eyed admirer nearly dropped his cone when he saw what I was wearing and very nearly passed out when I sat down next to him while my own son made himself scare.

Our Family Fun Phone Sex excursion continues when I made sure that a little ice cream dripped on my cleavage which he was more then happy to lick off, right out in broad daylight. I was so fucking horny that I would have fucked him right there but I managed to control myself long enough to get him home and to my bedroom where I screwed every inch of his body while my son watched from the closet.

Now, we’re working on adopting little Timmy and maybe even “coming out” to my husband so that we can enjoy having him watch while my sons, Tyler and Timmy fuck me. Don’t you think that would be super hot? I do since my panties are soaked right now! Why don’t you call me and let’s cum up with our own nasty incest fantasy?!?

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